Collectable sneaker in high contrast.
Who doesn’t own a pair of sneakers these days?

They’ve becoming more of a craze over the past few years.
Continuously being developed into better fitting, more streamlined and, dare we say it, more collectible.

CN-TRST is a project that aims to tease viewers of a new fictional shoe brand that emphasise on a strong brand and sportive use.

While building on to become a collectible sneaker.

We’ve developed these teasers to live as real life project.
Using animated content as a marketing and teaser tool. To build awareness,
and raise hype for these new mysterious premium running shoes.​​​​​​​
Production: Eelco Viel
Art Direction: Eelco Viel
Illustration: Eelco Viel
Animation: Eelco Viel
Music: Premiumbeat - Stomp

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