Collectable sneaker in high contrast.

Who doesn’t own a pair of sneakers these days?

They’ve becoming more of a craze over the past few years.
Continuously being developed into better fitting, more streamlined and, dare we say it, more collectible.

CN-TRST is a project that aims to tease viewers of a new fictional shoe brand that emphasise on a strong brand and sportive use.

While building on to become a collectible sneaker.

We’ve developed these teasers to live as real life project, using animated content as a marketing and teaser tool.
To build awareness, and raise hype for these new mysterious premium running shoes.
Project summary:
Create a dynamic teaser social content for a new sneaker brand. With using only two product images and four brand colours.
By editing dynamic compositions, text animations and use of stock footage, design adds to the fast paced vibe for the sneaker brand. 
Production: Eelco Viel
Art Direction: Eelco Viel
Illustration: Eelco Viel
Animation: Eelco Viel
Music: Premiumbeat - Stomp

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