Get your summer vibes one with fresh juices.
Put your summer vibes on with fresh juices.
With the warm summer, everyone needs to stay hydrated. And that’s where FruitPrez comes in.

Cold pressed, fresh juices that refresh you and bursting with flavour.

For this fictional project, the concept lies in illustrative style combined with stock photography of the bottles.
Fruity explosions, showing three flavours that clench your thirst.
Project summary:
Create social media content without a library of stock content from the fictional client.
Using simple but vibrant illustration elements, to contrast the single stock imagery of the bottle. While maintaining a fresh visual style.
Production: Eelco Viel
Art Direction: Eelco Viel
Illustration: Eelco Viel
Animation: Eelco Viel
Music: SoulProdMusic - Upbeat Happy

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