Fancy some smart lighting?

After creating several videos for Philips Hue we certainly do.

The folks over at Made.For.Digital and New Motive asked us to help create a series of animated lifestyle videos.
These videos showcase what Philips Hue products can bring to your everyday life.

A lot of effort went into creating a fitting 2D-style that captured the essence of the original Philips Hue lighting.

It was an enlightening project to be part of!
Project summary:
Create a multitude of short animations that highlight the ease of use of the Philip Hue lights in a family home sitting, within three weeks.
Create systems for both the lighting and characters. To easily adjust for revisions and have a library of elements for other animations.
Production: Made.For.Digital
Creative Agency: DEPT
Art Direction: Made.For.Digital|DEPT
Illustration: Eelco Viel|New Motive|Studio Wim
Animation: Eelco Viel|New Motive|Studio Wim
Audio design: New Motive|DEPT

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