Traineeship for financial admin rockstars.
Being innovative in both recruiting and simultaneously preparing for the shifting world in payroll administration doesn’t come easy.

The market leader on HR Process & Payroll, Quoratio, are predicting a huge shift in the upcoming years.

For this, the challenge was to have the recruitment course being informative as well as accessible.
Teaming up with Quoratio to produce a catching easy to digest explainer.

Telling the viewers what grow possibilities there can be found when doing the course.
All wrapped into the core values of Quoratio has and builds upon.
Project summary:
Create an explainer to show the HR process, while highlighting the benefits of working at Quoratio.
Using character animations in majority of the scenes, to let the viewer feel
it really is about the human experience and personality. 
Production: Eelco Viel
Creative Copy: Iris Dekker Copywriting
Art Direction: Eelco Viel
Illustration: Eelco Viel
Animation: Eelco Viel
Voice Over: Voice Over Cowboys

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