Sex work is a real profession.
Sex work is a legal profession in the Netherlands. Sex workers must be able to do their work under safe and free conditions,
with the same rights as other working citizens and with the same protection from the government.

To empower, inform and boost self employed sex workers, a collaboration was called into life.
AIDS Fonds, Ministry of social affairs and employment and combined forces to build a platform
where sex workers are informed about the proper permits, taxes, rights and social security.

Combined forces to create an informing and unisex explainer that inform sex workers on several important topics.
Project summary:
Combining the library of icons produced by Studio Ruiter to form an animation that shows the benefits of the website to sex workers.
Using a minimal colour range, with a few spot colours, highlighting the branding and ensuring for a unisex visual style to inform the viewers.
Production: Studio Ruiter
Art Direction: Studio Ruiter  / Eelco Viel
Illustration: Eelco Viel
Animation: Eelco Viel
Voice Over: Voice Over Cowboys

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