Always stay connected with WiFi Plus

With the digital world, a strong stable connection is important.
T-Mobile offers this through their WiFi Plus for the B2B market.

With a mix of dedicated hardware and software, this self learning and improving WiFi model aims to bring stable
WifI to businesses alike. Small and big, benefitting from a secured and easy adaptable network at offices all around.

No more playing bingo for zoom connections falling in and out, data errors or privacy breaches.

For this, the goal was to inform viewers of the easy to use setup.
From adding profiles, adjust settings or even the bandwidth usage.
As well as the flexibility for office WiFi to both co-workers as visitors.
Project summary:
Highlight the benefits of WiFi Plus, without feeling a bullet point list of features. Brining in the more human relevance to it.
Combining characters and abstract scenes to highlight the benefits of the service. But also maintain a clear flow story wise.
Production: Firma Buurman
Illustration: Eelco Viel
Animation: Eelco Viel
Voice Over: Firma Buurman
Audio design: Firma Buurman

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